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RC body Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 replica 1:10 Rocket Bunny

RC body Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 replica 1:10 Rocket Bunny

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Bodywork Rc Body Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova 2018 Replica in 1:10 scale, wheelbase 257-260.

1mm LEXAN® SABIC (polycarbonate) material.

Wheelbase 257-260 mm (from front wheel bolt to rear wheel bolt) Body width 190 mm rear, 185 mm front.

 “Rocket Bunny” widenings – 200mm   (from the outside of the right wheel to the outside of the left wheel)

Bodywork is supplied transparent and to be cut with the transparent protective film on the external side.

Package includes: 

1) Body
2) Front and rear lexan reflectors.
3) Pre-cut masks for all windows and front and rear lights.
4) External masking to paint window contours black.
5) Pre-cut stickers, front and rear license plate, side air intakes, bonnet and front bumper, 2 four-leaf clovers, 2 semi-transparent rear light stickers.
6) ABS plastic pieces - shield and 2 front bumper nets, 2 mirrors, 4 handles, exhaust with the lower part of the bumper, rear spoiler, shark antenna for the roof.
7) “Rocket Bunny” widenings – BODY WIDTH 200MM.


It does not include any Alfa Romeo logo or writing.
Product MADE IN ITALY, Codroipo (UD) 33033. 
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