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TWO TONE V2 TRUE 13 Straight Laced Wheels

TWO TONE V2 TRUE 13 Straight Laced Wheels

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New, smaller V2 True 13 Lowrider wheels with 5.20 tires for your Redcat RC Lowrider!

The V2 wheels feature highly detailed 3 piece open spokes design made out of the toughest plastic out there and all covered using real metal chrome/ 24K gold plating.
The new True 13 wheels come with newly designed low profile 5.20 tires with infilled white walls designed by Jevries. 

These V2 Ture 13 wheels are slightly smaller than it's predecessor making them a perfect fit for your Redcat Chevy Monte Carlo as well.


- 4x High detailed Wheels featuring real metal chrome and 24K gold plating.
- 4x Threaded two prong Knock Offs. 
- 4X Wetlook low profile 5.20 tires with infilled white walls and EVA foam core.
- 1X True 13 Logo Sticker designed by Night Tha Funksta.

NOTE: In cases where the rear wheels touch the fenders you can either add foam tape/ padding between the chassis and body or use thinner HEX adapters.

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